Drawing Photorealistic Motorcycles – Week 3

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The quest continues…

This week I’m continuing with the motorcycle I started drawing last week. This week I’m spending time reviewing YouTube tutorials on how to draw life-like or photorealistic images. There is lots of great information out there. The most important thing I learned was that there is a place for graphite pencils and there is a place for charcoal pencils. I think it’s time to invest in an art kit to have the right tools to succeed in this quest. I learned that for those really dark areas on a drawing, graphite doesn’t work because it creates a shiny appearance. The best option is using a charcoal pencil for really, life-like dark areas.

Enough talk, let’s see some of your drawing, Rick.

Ok, here’s a progression from last week to today. With the sketch of the motorcycle done, it was time to start the shading process to attempt to present a life-like appearance.


Started week 3 with continuing the sketch from week 2

Week 3 – getting the rear tire done

Week 3 – finishing the rear tire and shading the fairing

Week 3 – How about the seat and some of the frame?

Week 3 – working on the tank and handlebars

Check back for a status update. I hope to complete this motorcycle in week 3, but shading, I’m finding, is an arduous process and takes a long time. I may have to finish this thumper in week 4.