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  • You’ve been there as a motorcyclist – riding along and everything is great, then someone violates your right of way and nearly crashes into you. In these situations, having the right of way is useless of someone crashes into you. So, here’s a technique we call Positional Situational Awareness. This is basically knowing where you [...]

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  • Hey there fellow motorcyclist. How often do you buy stuff online? How often to you get money back from those purchases? There’s a new service called Money Back MOTO (yes it’s free) from the creator of Motorcycle Melee that gets you money back when you buy stuff online. It’s a simple process: Join Money Back [...]

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  • 28 February 2013 - rick

    Biker Patch Profiling

    Is it a problem for the police to profile bikers based on their appearance? In Arizona, Republican Sen. Judy Burges of Sun City West thinks this is a problem. She even went so far as to draft a bill requiring that police be trained about the illegality

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