Triumph Street Twin Gear Position Sensor Oil Leak

2018 Triumph Street Twin Gear Position Sensor/Indicator
2018 Triumph Street Twin Gear Position Sensor/Indicator

I have experienced a minor oil leak that comes from the gear position sensor/indicator on the right side of the motorcycle. The gear position sensor is located behind the front sprocket cover. It uses 2 round gaskets to provide a seal and sometimes these gaskets stop doing their job.

Here I have some videos of the process I went through to change my gaskets, but the process is basically:

  1. Remove the sprocket cover – store its bolts inside the cover, set the cover aside (8mm bolts).
  2. Remove the gear position sensor/indicator (8mm bolts).
  3. Remove the 2 round gaskets.
  4. Clean up any gunk around the area.
  5. Install 2 new gaskets (yes it requires 2). I like to rub a small amount of oil on the gaskets to prevent sticking. The same concept as rubbing a bit of oil on the oil filter gasket prior to installing it.
  6. Reinstall the gear position sensor/indicator. Pay attention to the brass pin on the sensor to ensure it lines up with a square hole inside the engine casing.
  7. Reinstall the sprocket cover.

Here are the videos that follow the above process:

Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions.

Here’s where I purchased the 2 O-rings.

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