Double Take or Are We Twins?
Cafe Racer
Checking out other people’s bikes seems to be a habit most bike riders and many non-bike riders partake in. I’m no different. I enjoy checking out other bikes – especially those that have undergone a transformation to a new life. …
“Wind Therapy” — Thanks Mike!
Mike Sheehan is a friend from a long time ago. We met sometime in 1973 after we Forristalls  (then Mom, Dad and 9 of us kids) were evicted from 17 Harvard Street in Somerville, MA. That’s when we invaded
The Cafe Racer Transformation Saga
Cafe Racer
After having the new Bonneville for several months, I realized I didn’t really like the factory seating and handlebar position. And, when I bought the Bonnie, I had a long-haul windscreen installed. The windscreen was nice for getting my highway …