Double Take or Are We Twins?

Checking out other people’s bikes seems to be a habit most bike riders and many non-bike riders partake in. I’m no different. I enjoy checking out other bikes – especially those that have undergone a transformation to a new life. I really have grown fond of the cafe racer style and enjoy reading Cafe Racer Magazine.

I was browsing other motorcycle blogs and came across “Classified Moto.” They have a post about one of their project bikes that is just flippin’ awesome. But, when I first saw the pictures I did a double take. Their bike looked just like a bike in the October/November 2011 issue of Cafe Racer Magazine. I had to flip back through the magazine and find the article then compare the pictures back and forth with Classified Moto’s bike.

I quickly realized they were not the same bike, but no matter, both bikes were very cool and I considered Moto’s bike pure eye candy!

See for yourself. Here’s the picture from Cafe Racer (especially notice the inset section).

Then here’s the picture from Moto’s blog.  Can you see why I did the double take? Anyway, maybe they’re just non-identical twins at heart?

Have you ever had bike deja vu? What a wonderful thing — seeing “doubles” of very cool motorcycles.

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