There’s Something About Mary … And Motorcycles!

Like Mary … There’s Something About Motorcycles

in 1988 Hollywood released the movie, “There’s Something About Mary.” Viewers were entertained with this comedy about several men who were enthralled with a woman with just something about her that everyone seemed to like. Moviegoers watched as Ben Stiller and Matt Dillon did some crazy and hilarious antics to try and get Cameron Diaz (Mary) to be with them. In the end, one of these guys gets Mary, but throughout the movie we never really understand that ‘something’ that each person finds appealing about Mary–beauty, looks, personality, character, attitude, etc–there seemed to be myriad things that made Mary attractive. Yesterday morning — as I got off my motorcycle in my work parking lot — this movie came to mind.

For those who ride motorcycles, we experience a similar feeling — there’s just that something about riding motorcycles that draws us so strongly that we can’t think about not riding our motorcycle. The idea that we know we really enjoy riding our motorcycle, but we can’t really describe why is most apparent when we attempt to answer the non-rider’s question, “why do you like riding your motorcycle?” or even their statement that “motorcycles are so dangerous!” I’ll try to describe why I like motorcycling so much.

First, there’s the feeling of openness while riding – there is nothing — even in a full-faced helmet — blocking your view like a car does. Sometimes I catch myself while riding down the highway to work consciously thinking just how cool it is to have the feeling of openness. Then there’s the ability to defy gravity while you’re cornering. Motorcyclists get to lean at some unimaginable angles while negotiating corners. Try doing this while not riding a motorcycling and we’re reminded of gravity’s power. And, while I’m riding to work in the morning at 4:30 I will catch – out of my lower peripheral vision – the white dotted lane dividers — they are blurring by like flashing specs of white.

The Magnetic Draw of Motorcycle Riding

For some reason this is totally awesome for me. There’s also the exhilaration of tooling along the highway at 75 or 80 MPH knowing that the road it right there — just several inches away from your body. Finally, (this is not an exhaustive list by any means) there’s that acceptance of the risk that somehow draws us to the dangers of riding a motorcycle.

So, it is quite challenging to nail down what it is about motorcycles — just like all those guys chasing Mary — that draws riders so strongly. I only hope that I will continue to ride for a long time because I can’t imagine not riding.

What’s your story?


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