Invisibility is NOT a Good Motorcyclist’s Superpower

Motorcyclist getting cut off by car on highway

Did you ever experience that superpower – invisibility!?

You would think this would be a cool superpower. Imagine the shenanigans one could get into!

Today I had the opportunity to don my invisibility cloak and  was thankful for the motorcycle safety training I received at TEAM Arizona. Driving in the center lane on my way to a work meeting I was maintaining my situational awareness and staying 2-seconds’ distance behind the car in front of me. To my right (I could see his eyes in his side view mirror) was a car traveling slightly slower than the flow of traffic – a tell-tale sign that something just might be up with this driver. Then it happened – he glanced at me — or through me seeing that I was wearing my invisibility cloak — signaled for his left turn and proceeded into my lane — he must not have seen me pointing at him to not do what he was contemplating (no it was not my middle finger). Fortunately I had anticipated his decision and had already slowed to allow myself a buffer zone.

As he pulled into my lane in front of me I raised both hands while questioning him in his rear view mirror – he just glanced and sped off. My invisibility cloak was working perfectly — or was it that this guy just didn’t care that I was there – after all I was on my little ol’ motorcycle?

I was able to maintain my cool – I’ve found that losing my cool while traveling at 70MPH is not a good choice. And road rage is just never a good option. So as I sit writing this blog article I reflect on what I learned from this encounter.

  1. Maintain a safe distance from the vehicles in front (and in back) of you.
  2. Look for clues of ensuing problems.
  3. Maintain your situational awareness.
  4. Maintain your composure.

What’s your best story of effective situational awareness?


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