At 75 MPH The End of a Bug’s Life Could Have Been the End of Mine

Dead Bug Splat – why I wear a fullface helmet

Trying to avoid a bug speeding toward you at 75 MPH is impossible. I know this because last Friday while riding home from work a large suicide bug tried to take me out. As I was enjoying my highway ride home from work, out of nowhere – bang, splat! Scaring the crap out of me, that crazy bug disintegrated on my fullface helmet’s face shield. I would even go so far as to say that bug was trying to crash into my eyes  because the resulting – nearly instantly solidified – splat was directly in front of my right eye.

I wondered what happens to motorcyclists that choose to forego a helmet when a suicide bug targets their face? Is it just a tiny sting or is it something painful enough to distract the driver from what else is on the road at 75MPH?

Anyway, this suicide bug’s death by way of fullface helmet face shield impact helped me remember just why I choose a fullface helmet when I ride.


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