Biker Patch Profiling

Is it a problem for the police to profile bikers based on their appearance?

In Arizona, Republican Sen. Judy Burges of Sun City West thinks this is a problem. She even went so far as to draft a bill requiring that police be trained about the illegality of pulling over motorcyclists based solely on their clothing or the fact they’re riding motorcycles.

Is it true that patch-wearing bikers deserve unique attention from law enforcement officials?

John Dreyfus, representing the Arizona Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs and a member of the ALMA Motorcycle Club said, “In this case they decided that bikers generally don’t deserve the same civil rights as everybody else.

“We’re facing situations where they’re pointing guns at our heads on a regular basis, and it’s getting more intense,” Dreyfus said. “The more often this goes on the greater the chance that somebody’s going to end up dead.”

But Democrats pushed back Thursday, joined by Republican Sen. Steve Yarbrough of Chandler, who argued against creating a new class of protected people and called it the first step toward micromanaging police training.

“Are we going to indeed create a new class of protected persons, and once we do that I can suggest other groups — how about military people, how about young people, how about little old ladies with gray hair?”

What’s your opinion?



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