Dainese Carbon Cover S-ST Motorcycle Gloves Review

If you’re a motorcyclist that wears protective gear all the time, you will probably go through a pair of gloves quickly. I purchased the Dainese Carbon Cover S-ST motorcycle gloves in May 2015 and have grown to really like them.

Dainese Carbon Cover S-ST Motorcycle Gloves - for riding bobbers, cafe racers, harley davidson, streetfighters or street fighters, cruisers, sport bikes, or any other motorcycle or scooter.
Dainese Carbon Cover S-ST Motorcycle Gloves

Here’s why I’ve grown so fond of them:

  • Fit: I wear a medium and they fit snug, but not too tight. I have a 45-year-old injury to my left pinky finger that is bothered by most tight-fitting gloves, but these gloves don’t bother the injury at all
  • Look: They look gnarly with is multiple patterns and overlays along with the protective bits
  • Protection: While we’d prefer not to crash, if we did while wearing these gloves, we’d greatly reduce any hand injury. A special design on the pinky fingers reduces the amount the pinky finger will bend backwards during a ground impact. There’s also a skid pad on the palm.
  • Velcro Strap: This strap holds tight and is in a great position. I’ve had 6 or so pairs of gloves where the velcro dies before the gloves are used up – these Dainese motorcycle gloves will not have that problem

The only challenge with these gloves is cost – around $160. But, if I’m wearing gear in case of an accident, I’m glad to pay this amount for the level of comfort and protection these gloves offer. You can watch a detailed review by the folks at RevZilla below.

Check out RevZilla’s selection: (they ship for free for orders $39.99 and up).

Here’s a video review from RevZilla.com


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