Your Bike Was Spotted

So you have one of our business cards saying we spotted your bike? That’s great!

Did you get one of these?

If you don’t have one of our cards, that’s OK too — it just means we didn’t take any photos of your motorcycle so we’ll need you to send some along with the information below.

Thanks for coming here. What we’d like to do is post some pictures of your bike (yes, we took some before leaving our business card) and let folks know a bit about you.

Please answer the following questions and email them to me at

1. What is your bike where we left our business card (so we can match the pictures we took)?

2. What is your name?

3. How long have you been riding?

4. Any accidents? Please tell us about them.

5. How often do you ride?

6. What got you started in motorcycling?

7. How many motorcycles do you own now? Tell us about them.

8. How many motorcycles have you owned? Tell  us about them.

9. Tell us a little about you.

10. Anything else you’d like to tell us about you or your bike.

Thanks again for allowing us to showcase you and your bike.

Rick Forristall
Owner –

Rick’s Daily Ride
FZ6R Modified to a StreetFighter



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