Paul Schmid and his Bike
Cool Bikes or Rides
Motorcycle Melee is starting a new series – Your Bike Was Spotted – where we showcase cool bikes and their riders. Our first bike is a 2012 Kawasaki Ninja 6R and its rider – Paul Schmid. 2. What is your name? …
Proactive Collision Avoidance
Cafe Racer
You notice it too, don’t you? That car or truck in your rear view mirror that is obviously approaching too fast–so you watch closely. Before you know it, they are on your butt. After you move over in a collision-avoidance …
Why We Ride – 3 Free Tickets
Cafe Racer
Well what a bummer. I have 3 tickets to tonight’s showing of “Why We Ride” in Phoenix and I can no longer attend. Leave a comment about why you should have a ticket and how many tickets you should have. …
Arizona Vintage Motorcycle Show
Cafe Racer
Go AZ Motorcycles of Scottsdale, Arizona is hosting the 1st annual vintage motorcycle show. This is exciting stuff because I always read about vintage bike shows around the U.S., London, Australia, but I simply cannot attend those. The Go AZ …
Speed & Art – Meet Bernadette
Cafe Racer
From Ypsilanti Michigan, the folks at Heartbreak Cycle Works crafted Bernadette – a 1978 Honda CB550. Young at 35+ years old, “Bernadette is…” the folks at Heartbreak Cycle Works say, “forever a work in progress, but what bike that gets