Easyrider Says “Be a Safe Motorcyclist” to Avoid Motorcycle Crashes

So motorcycle safety is for new riders, is it?

Check out Evel Knievel and Peter Fonda’s take on motorcycle safety.

Rider in Cool Leather Jacket

Their insight into motorcycle gear, situational awareness, lane positioning, practicing skills and collision avoidance is timeless.

Enjoy this throwback video – there are some key tidbits of information in this video:

  • at 5:50: The best one, when referring to other drivers is this advice, “You’ve got to think of them (car drivers) as asleep, blind or drunk…”
  • at 5:27 – 5:30:  Love the motorcyclist glaring at the driver after being cutoff.
  • at 7:25 – Is that not a cool jacket on the highway rider, or what?
  • at 9:20: Check out the synchronized biking by the LA Police.
  • at 11:00: the Quiz – can you pass it?

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