Harley Electric – Would You Buy It?

Harley’s Electric bike is getting a lot of attention lately – and this writer can see why.

This bike has a gnarly, gritty look about it and has a cafe/streetfighter-like stance.

Project LiveWire(TM)
Harley’s Entry into the Electric Bike Market

In looks alone it’s an eye-grabber. While remarkably different that the Harley paradigm, this one just might entice folks to give it a try.

For me, I think I would miss the clutching and shifting of a fossil fueled bike, but maybe electric ‘automatic’ transmissions (no manual shifting) just might be the wave of the future.

Cycleworld did a nice review of the bike and Harley has a site dedicated to its Project LiveWireTM concept bike.

Harley Electric – Cafe/Streetfigher Style

If this is what we can expect for looks of the future Harleys I’m ready to give them a try — how about you?


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