Looper Bike

A Ural-like bike from the movie “Looper”
Ready for this kind of speed?

Sitting here, browsing through a variety of motorcycle blogs with STARZ on my TV – the movie  “Looper” is playing in the background. I peek up occasionally to catch some of the movie.

On one of my peeks, I see our protagonist jump on what looks like a Ural – at least the logo reminds me of a Ural. I get excited thinking I’m going to see a motorcycle in a chase scene. I stop what I’m doing to pay attention. Then he attempts to start, curses at the bike and now we’re shown that it’s some rocket powered bike – way cool.


Here’s a Ural – I thought the log looked like the Looper bike logo.

Are you ready for such a ride? Would it still provide the same sensation as rolling down the highway on two wheels? I guess we won’t really know for a while. In the meantime, feast your eyes on the future superbike.

Looper Bike – Side Front View
Dig the Speed!


Looper Bike Side View
I feel the need for speed!

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