Motorcycle Riders — Are We Arrogant?

As motorcyclists we constantly accept the added risk inherent in riding bikes. Because of that assumed risk, we notice some people who do things that increase the danger. These include texting while driving at highway speeds, talking on cell phones while driving, not verifying a safe lane before changing lanes, and the like.

Sanctimonious Motorcyclists?

But… does this mean we are judge and jury appointed to identify and address those who do this?

This article discusses some key issues surrounding this.


Riding a motorcycle is inherently dangerous. It’s just the cost of doing a thing we enjoy. Clueless, idiotic drivers texting and talking and generally (or literally) jerking off are part of the equation. It sucks. I know. But that doesn’t mean you’ve been deputized as The Enforcer. You’re not helping. And it’s time to drop this self-righteous shit already.

Nearly every week a helmet cam surfaces of a rider spotting some driver behaving badly. It’s inevitable. And it’s inevitably followed up by the tell-tale headshake, some expletives, and maybe an obscene gesture. Yes, most people are awful drivers. You know it. I know it. It’s a fact of life that can’t be avoided, whether you’re on two wheels or four.

But the inherent vulnerability of a bike compels some riders take their grievances to the next level. Adrenaline kicks in and a sanctimonious attitude takes over, building up to a tenor that no one would put up with in any civil setting (this kind of shit would never fly in a bar or restaurant). It’s dangerous. And stupid. And the results are entirely predictable.

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