Motorcycling–Creating Commonality in the Midst of Diversity

Motorcycles are magical—creating commonality in the midst of diversity. Today serendipity gave me the opportunity witness this phenomenon.

The Magic of Motorcycling
The Phoenix Dappers in Tempe, AZ

I found myself at the Tempe Marketplace in search of a place to do some homework and while there, I spied a nicely modified Triumph Bonneville—Renthal bars, bar-end mirrors, 2-into-1 pipes and upgraded rear shocks—sort of a café racer meets brat tracker. While I was admiring the Bonnie, Jack Chin rumbled up on his café racer customized Honda CM 400, dismounted and—no doubt thinking the Bonnie was mine—extended his hand in a friendly introduction. After I explained that the Bonnie wasn’t mine Jack remained overtly friendly—thanks Jack!

Phoenix Dappers – Meet at the Tempe Marketplace
Getting Ready for the Lunch Run to Lux Cafe

Shortly after Jack and I chatted about my FZ6R streetfigher mod several other riders arrived. Jack explained that the group—the Phoenix Dappers—meets periodically for group rides to a local lunch joint for some great food and motorcycling camaraderie.  This diverse group had a common thread—enjoying the excitement of traveling on a two-wheeled vehicle—and their rides were also diverse. There was the Bonnie, Jack’s café racer, a Honda CX 500 café racer, a ‘copper-flavored’ Kawasaki 440 bobber, a Honda CTX and a scooter.

The “Copper” Bobber

Each member of the group was as friendly as Jack—introducing themselves and offering that I join their ride. I was excited by their overt display of friendliness and their acceptance of anyone who shares their passion for 2-wheels.

I learned from Jack that he recently formed the Phoenix Dappers in conjunction with the annual Distinguished Gentleman’s ride—hence the “Dapper” moniker.  While they are a young group they jived as though they had been a group for years—a testament of the power of motorcycling for creating community!

I had the pleasure of chatting with some of the members about their bikes and I was very impressed with the level of talent for breathing new life in old bikes—well done!

Phoenix Dappers

When the time came for the group to depart I was fortunate to be able to leave the parking lot as they were leaving. I watched as the Dappers—the diverse group—weaved their way in unison toward their lunch location—the Lux Café.

The Dappers have all sorts of rides!

It was a pleasure meeting such a friendly, accepting group—I hope to join a ride soon.

What’s your motorcycling story?

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